Westcott Motor Car Company

Westcott Motor Car Company

The Westcott Motor Car Company produced automobiles in the United States from 1909 to 1925. The cars were well received by the public and were seen at the auto shows and newspapers, mostly in the mid to upper “teens” of the 1900’s.

The Westcott Motor Car Company used the tag line “The Car With A Longer Life” in most of their advertising. It appears that owner and founder, Burton J. Westcott could not say the same for the company which ceased production around 1925, reportedly because of unpaid debt to suppliers. We will look at a couple of news articles and some of the better preserved advertisements of the day. The first two come to us from the San Francisco Sun and were the first I found.

The Westcott Six Is Fine, says agent –  New 1914 car carries reserve power for steep hills and sandy roads long wheel base, light weight and heavy tires make fine balance. The new 1914 Westcott car arrived in San Francisco a couple of days ago, and Mr. Goodwin of Dillon-Goodwin, the agents, attempts to tell of a few of the good features of the machine. He said the new Westcott is one of his very few six cylinder cars which actually carries within itself reserve power. It responds to the slightest touch of the throttle on the steepest hills and sandiest roads. No other motor develops such continuous torque or has such entire absence from vibration at all speeds.

1910 westcott automobile

First Advertisement found (click for larger)

The new bell shaped five passenger body with flush sides and concealed hinges, the graceful lines and un-excelled finish can be found in no other six cylinder machine of equal specifications and price! The wide seats, deep tonnau and soft upholstery make for absolute comfort. The ignition and switches,  speedometer, gasoline gauge and priming devices are conveniently located on the dash. The long wheel base, the length of the spring, the extreme lightness of weight, coupled with the extra large tires, produce perfect balance and a feeling of comfort and satisfaction not found in any other six cylinder car.

New Wescott Car Makes Great Showing – “Since announcing the advent of the Westcott car into automobile circles on the Pacific coast we have received a great many inquiries about this car, as well as requests for descriptive matter from those who are familiar with the merit of the Westcott car and who desire to know all about the latest six cylinder models,” says Harvey Goodwin of the Dillon-Goodwin company, agents for the Westcott car in San Francisco. Also we have received many interesting testimonial letters expressing appreciation of the service obtained from Westcott cars. One man in the middle west writes as follows:

I ran my Westcott car during 1912 over 7,000 miles, of which about 4,000 miles was over country roads, I have made several trips from Chicago to various towns in Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, and, in fact, have toured extensively through the last named state. The car is easy on tires and my repair bill to date is not in excess of $10.

Westcott Motor Car Company

Westcott Popular at 1917 Auto Show

The foundation of a motor car is its frame,” said Goodwin. “As a ship depends on its keel for stability and permanence, just so a motor car depends on its frame. “Westcott frames are made from pressed steel plates of a thickness of three-sixteenths of an inch, which is much heavier than the frames used in cars of similar weight. No heat is used in forming the channel section, which is done by means of hydraulic pressure. The side members taper at each end and from four inches wide in the center to two inches wide at the ends. In assembling the frame, only hot rivets are used. All holes are drilled, not punched. The large dimensions and high quality of material used in Westcott frames assure strength and stability, which are important factors in motor car construction.


Westcott Builds Family Roadster (The New York Sun 1917) – The four passenger cloverleaf model wins approval on account of comfortable body. Unusual interest has been shown in the Westcott four passenger touring roadster since the first announcement through motor publications some time ago,” said H. P. Mammen, general sales manager of the Westcott motor car company yesterday, “inquiries for particulars concerning this have been an important part of our mail, and it is surprising to know the hundreds of roadsters that have been ordered simply from literature, without even seeing the car. Consequently, we are arranging to build more than twice as many as was first intended.” There has been an ever increasing demand for a family roadster, although lack of comfort has been a serious draw back to a good many cars of this type.

Two-Tone Color Marks Car in Westcott Display – (New York Tribune 1920) The Westcott, “the car with a longer life,” distributed in New York by the Westcott Motor Car Company, 1838 Broadway, is at the New York show in a distinctive new design, with a two-tone color combination and with many refinements. The new color combination adds to the car a touch that makes it stand out. A belt extending around the body, at the top and over the hood, is in a lighter color than the panels below it, and the wheels are finished to match the belt in color. Adding to the car are a cowl ventilator, controlled from the dash, and a cowl-fitting windshield, with the lower glass stationary. The makers exhibit at the show all models that are now being produced at the plant in Springfield, Ohio. They are of two sizes, the “Larger Six” and the “Lighter Six.”

1919-westcottIn the larger size are a seven-passenger touring car, a five-passenger touring car and a seven-passenger limousine-sedan. In the lighter size are included a two-passenger roadster, a three-passenger coup (straight seat), a five-passenger touring car and a five passenger sedan. The “Larger Six” has a wheelbase of 125 inches, the “Lighter Six” of 118 inches. Both have Continental engines. All tires on both models are non-skid cords. Thermostatic control of the cooling system helps keep the engines temperature even in any season or climate. A radiometer, with dial on the instrument board, shows motor temperature.

The Westcott company has included all the conveniences usually provided by the makers of the best cars for the comfort and convenience of the passengers, and more besides. The inclosed bodies are custom built, of aluminum, and of the most modern coach design. Perfection heater equipment is used in all inclosed types.


The Westcott Automobile 1922 Advertisement – Just before the downward slide

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    I don’t know where this comment will go, I own the only 1919 Westcott Limousine known to exist I own for about 7 years and what a nice car to drive and have conversation over..


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