The Studebaker Six Automobile

The Studebaker Six automobile in print ads – early 1900’s

The Studebaker Six appeared in print ads as early as 1912 when this article came out in the Coconino Sun in Arizona –

Studebaker Engineers Think They Have the Ideal Arrangement – New Self-Cranker Out Just as the experts were lamenting the lack of striking novelty in the new crop of motor cars, along come the Studebaker Corporation with a feature so obviously good that everyone is wondering why it hasn’t been in general use for years.

The innovation is a seating arrangement which, while accommodating six adult passengers, instead of the conventional five, presents rakish, graceful lines heretofore attained only by high-powered, four-passenger types.

When You Get Acquainted With This “SIX” You Will Surely Want One

studebaker six 1913

One of the first ads in 1913

A drive in the Studebaker Six Automobile will charm and convince you. If there has ever been confusion in your mind concerning the qualities of a worthy Six, your questions will be fully answered after you have driven this “SIX”. And even if you are aware what some good sixes can do, you will enjoy a greater glow of, satisfaction when you drive this car. As you sit behind the alluringly smooth and responsive motor, no one will need to tell you why you like it. You will know perfectly well. The instant and full answer to your call for increased speed or power, the sure and perfect response to your control, the quietness, the absence of vibration, the sheer thorough-bred ability of this “SIX” to do all its work without strain or perceptible effort these things will prove a never-ending delight. It is as hard adequately to describe this “SIX” as it is always difficult to describe any new and more perfect instrument. BUT the Studebaker “SIX” will win you, as sure as ever you sit behind the wheel. Buy It Because It’s a Studebaker Studebaker “Six” Engineering The design of a fine six-cylinder car. especially in the motor, calls for exceptional skill and wide experience. Efficiency at all speeds and the absence of vibration, which are the unique advantages of a worthy Six, can only be attained by the most scientific engineering. To attain perfect results we use experimental laboratories of large size and full equipment, where every idea built into the Studebaker “SIX” has been proved correct beyond the possibility of error. We work by knowledge, not by theory. Every ton of steel we buy is first made according to Studebaker formulas and later rigorously tested to be sure it is up to standard. Throughout the manufacture, which is carried on entirely in our plants, from forty huge power hammers which forge out over 250 parts for every Studebaker “SIX”, to $885 Studebaker “25” the last operation, accurate to the one thousandth of an inch, the “SIX” is built with a scrupulous regard for fine work and the best materials Studebaker Standard of Luxury From the beautifully balanced chassis to the deep upholstery and complete equipment, the “SIX” shows careful attention to appearance and comfort. It is, of course, electrically lighted and Started. The auxiliary seats, making ample room for six-passengers, are exceedingly comfortable and yet may readily be folded to one side. The painting is lustrous, requiring twenty four operations, including many days of drying and aging, before it is finished. We use Studebaker-Jiffy storm curtains, the most ingenious improvement ever made in automobile curtains. The Studebaker “SIX” is a car of complete comfort and strikingly handsome appearance.

The Studebaker Six 1914 Ad –

studebaker six 1914

The Six in 1914

$1575 – That the price for the 1914 Six that has this ad saying “So big, so beautiful, so smooth and so silent the the lowest price in the world comes as a clinching and conclusive argument which leaves you completely and invocably “sold” on this Studebaker Six.”

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