The Seldon Automobile

The Seldon Automobile

The Seldon automobile was named after its inventor George Seldon who was awarded the first patent for an automobile in 1895. He is often regarded as the Father of the Automobile. The patent was later over-turned and you can read an article about it on this site here.

By the lack of ads found in the newspaper archives, it appears that the automobile that bore his name didn’t do to well commercially.

New York Tribune – January 18, 1922 – George Baldwin Selden, who had been called the “Father of the Automobile,” and who was the hero of one of greatest patent fight suits of recent years, died at his home here today. Born in 1845, he was graduated from Yale University in 1865, studied law under his father, one of the leaders of the New York bar, and in 1871 became a practicing lawyer.

From childhood, however, his mind had turned toward mechanical inventions, and while studying law he began experimenting with various devices for automotive vehicles. His last efforts were for the application of steam power to light vehicles, and when they proved fruitless he conceived the idea of an internal combustion engine with liquid fuel.

The Seldon 1910 – Madison Garden Show –


Seldon at Madison Square Garden – 1910

The Varsity Roadster – 1911


The Varsity Roadster


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