The Nash Motors – Trucks

The Nash Motors – Trucks

Nash Motors was based in Kenosha, Wisconsin made cars from 1916 to 1937 and were the largest producers of trucks for the military in 1918 for WWI. They later merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company to become American Motors Corporation.

The New York Sun, 1918 – THE Nash Motors Company is still able to supply a few Nash trucks for the vital requirements of essential business. Nash trucks are especially practical for present day hauling service because they are equipped with M & S automatic differential which prevents spinning of the truck’s driving wheels. As long as either wheel has traction, the truck will drive itself ahead. It thus saves tires and fuel. It lets Nash trucks get through where other trucks without this important feature cannot go. We are especially fortunate in being able to make reasonably prompt deliveries to a few immediate buyers.


NASH TRUCK FACTOR – (The Ogden Standard – Examiner, 1920)

“It Is not the purchase price, but what It costs to haul loads over a period of years that determines a truck’s economy in owner service,” says Charles B. Voorhis of the Nash Motors company.

“Permanency of relationship; ‘ protection by the manufacturer of the good will in his product and facilities is for prompt and efficient service are points which users of truck transportation are coming more and more to look for.

By permanency of relationship it mean that assurance which the owner receives that the company from which he purchased his truck will be in business and at his service during the entire life of his truck and the assurance that he will never have to depend upon any but the original manufacturers for the future maintenance of his truck.

In this connection it can be said that Nash trucks are produced by an organization, the reliability of which is second to none in the motor industry. It is a permanent organization,, amply financed, and of a stability which assures to every Nash owner a continuance of adequate service during the life of his truck.

The New York Sun – 1920


New York Sun 1920

Nash Quad Now Standard Equipment For Marine Expeditionary Service – 

The Nash Quad, with its record for dependable performance in the service of the Allies during the world war, has been selected by the Standardization Board of the U. S. Marine Corps as standard equipment for expeditionary service. The selection of the Quad as standard equipment for this use was made after the Marine Corps had con ducted exhaustive tests of various trucks, had care fully compared data as to performance and reliability, and after it had had an extended experience with more than 400 Nash Quads in actual service. This means that from now on Nash trucks go where ever the Marines are sent, to bring up munitions and supplies, and to do all the various hauling tasks for these famous fighters of Uncle Sam.

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