Oakland Sensible Six Automobile

Oakland Sensible Six Automobile

The Oakland Sensible Six Automobile  was made by the Oakland car company of Pontiac, Michigan. They became a division of General Motors and continued to make cars under the Oakland name until 1931. When I look at the a Sensible Six, it instantly reminds me of the cars you would see in gangster movies. The Sensible Six ads ran in the early 1900’s from 1917-1921. Here are some of my favorites.

The ad below reads in part – It is a continuation of the remarkably successful Oakland Sensible Six of the past fl three seasons, which has been annually refined, improved and strengthened so that , now we are offering tomorrow’s car to you today the forerunner of the type of automobile that soon shall command America. Scientific development of the engine now makes it more powerful, more speedy at the getaway, more active in traffic and more economical in use of fuel. deep. genuine leather upholstery. The new force feed oiling system gives more thorough lubrication to the vital parts of the engine.


The Logan Republican -1917

The Alliance Herald, 1920


The Alliance Herald – 1920

This ad from the Nebraska newspaper reads in part – The New Oakland Sensible Six Sedan – Every essential convenience, from mechanical lifts for the windows in its double-latch doors to an inconspicuous heater for use on cold days, has place in the equipment of the new Oakland Sensible Six Sedan. And being of solid body construction, and built upon the standard Oakland chassis, its range of activity is fully as great as that of the open car. Many men and women, who could well afford costlier cars, are driving Oakland Sensible Six Sedans. Their selection was prompted primarily by the unmatched value that this handsome, sturdy car represents and the unusual operating economies that the Oakland Sensible Six effects over a long lifetime of efficient performance.

Weekly Tribune and the Cape County Herald, Cape Girardeau, Mo. – 1917


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