Moon Automobile Company

The Moon Automobile Company –

The Moon Automobile Company was an American car maker in St. Louis, Missouri that produced vehicles from 1905 to 1930. Here we will look at some of the better print ads that appeared in newspapers around the U.S. in the earlier days.

The New York Tribune – 1922New 1923 Moon Six – 40 Sedan – A car you will be proud to own because of its striking contour, perfect proportions and distinguished appearance. Not merely “made” but built. This latest Moon model embodies in every unit the combined engineering skill of the world. Closer acquaintance only serves to confirm your first favorable impression of the Six 40 Sedan. Its many refinements proclaim it to be a quality car in the true sense, as well as a car of good looks. Turn the handle of the door and note how easily it responds. Step through the ample doorway and take the driver’s seat -deeply cushioned, luxurious, restful. Then grasp the steering wheel and observe how perfectly it is placed at just the right angle and height for convenience. Driving-comfort that makes the hours seem like minutes.

Automatically your feet come into the right position for the gas and brake as your right hand, touches the gear-shift lever you are agreeably surprised to find it close beside you. No reaching down! And so easy to manipulate that gear-changing no longer entails exertion. The silver radiator and nickel trimmings are in harmony with the custom blue medium finish. Perfection in every detail, engine-power to spare and rugged construction throughout insure good, long, continuous service. Moon Six – 40 Sedan $1695 Moon Six – 40 Touring Car $1295 All prices F. O. B. St. Louis.

The New York Sun 1912 –


The New York Sun Moon Auto 1912

To the Man Who Can Compare Car Values – 

You are the one we most desire to criticize the new Moon Model “40.” No matter what your standards of car excellence no matter what your prejudices we court your judgment on Moon “40” as a whole, and part by part. Moon “40” is the achievement of Joseph W. Moon’s lifetime success in manufacture. Five years of development are represented In the Moon Motor alone. It is a T-head long-stroke motor of 45 actual horsepower a triumph in itself.

Transmission, universal joints, propeller shaft, bevel gear and rear axle are guaranteed for 60 horsepower. Nothing less than the utmost in safety satisfies this veteran of thirty years’ experience in high-grade steels, t whose O.K. must go on every car before it is marketed. The 120-Inch wheel base big demountable wheels with 36-inch tires front and rear the smart, roomy all metal body are all in keeping with the mighty power and noiseless perfection framed within the Moon Chassis. See the Moon and know for yourself what amazing car value the price of Moon “40” commands. Call or telephone for demonstration. MOON MOTOR CAR CO. OF NEW YORK.

1923 moon automobile

The Washington Times – 1909

This ad is for the 1910 models of the Moon Automobile and the earliest I’ve found –


The Moon 1910 – Washington Time 1909

Here’s my favorite Moon Automobile Ad made into a collectable print –

Vintage Reproduction Moon Motor Car PrintVintage Reproduction Moon Motor Car Print


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