Mighty Michigan 40 Automobile

Mighty Michigan 40 Automobile

The Mighty Michigan 40 Automobile was made by the Michigan Buggy Company. They made manufactured 33 hp and 40 hp four-cylinder engines for their cars and thus, the Mighty Michigan 40 was their 40 hp model. It appeared in newspapers in 1913.

Special Features – Four-forward speed Transmission, as used today in all the best foreign cars. left side drive, to which all, the best cars are coming. Drive shaft of 1 ¾ in. chrome nickel steel, sufficient for 60 horsepower. Steering post adjustable, so are clutch and brake pedals, insuring perfect comfort and fit to every driver. Straight line body designed by John A. Campbell. Finished with 22 coats. 14-tnch cushions. All upholstered of the finest hand buffed leather, filled with the best curled hair.

mighty mich

Graham Guardian, Arizona 1913

Here’s my favorite as seen in The Washington Post in 1913 –

mighty michegan


mighty michegan 1913 (2)

Omaha Bee ad

Here’s that same ad made into a beautiful reproduction print –

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