Lubrite Motor Oil

Lubrite Motor Oil

The Lubrite Motor Oil company of St. Louis Mo., had a low temperature process patent for motor oil, describes in the article from 1922 below. Shortly after this, they are acquired by the Vacuum Co. of St. Louis in 1929 which later becomes Mobil. Little else was found about this company and the advertising that appears here was all found in the Morning Tulsa daily newspaper, including the article. There claim was that their motor oil lubricated 60% better than the competition. I would say that a Lubrite motor oil can would be a good find.

Lubrite Oils Rapidly to the Front (Tulsa Daily World 1922) – The Tulsa Lubrite Lubricating company, exclusive wholesale distributors in this territory of the nationally advertised line of Lubrite motor oils, gas engine oils, tractor oils, greases, etc., will have a beautiful booth at the automobile show, to be operated by the Park Filling station of this city, January 16 -21 and invite the public to visit their booth while attending the show.

The Tulsa Lubrite lubricating companies barreling plant in Tulsa, which will be completed in the very near future, is another asset added to this company since the beginning of its operation in this territory several months ago. They Lubrite refining company of St. Louis Mo., perfected a refining process, patented and all rights reserved, whereby it is able to carry the oil out of the still at low temperature. As soon as the oil vaporizes, the vapors are picked up by absorbent gas and carried out of the still immediately. In other words, Lubrite oils have never been scorched or burned in the distillation process as other oils and retain more lubricating qualities and essentials than any other oils on the market, their makers say.

“To those who are not familiar with refining processes,” said H. S. Weisburgh, president of the Tulsa Lubrite company, “we call to your attention, for instance, a piece of cloth that is scorched when ironing. In a very short time the wearing qualities of the cloth is gone – you have destroyed these wearing qualities of the cloth when you scorched it. Tho same thing results with oil. Refineries destroy wearing qualities of oils when they refine it. They scorch the oil in the refining process. The Lubrite Refining company is the only refinery that has successfully refined lubricating oil at temperature below the boiling point.

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For this reason, Lubrite oils are guaranteed to give from 40 to 100 per cent more miles per gallon than other oils. You buy tires on a mileage basis – why not oils? Seventy five percent of all repair bills are due to poor lubrication. Lubrite oils, with their unusualĀ  efficient lubricating properties, will eliminate upkeep expenses that are due to faulty lubrication. When attending the auto show, pick up a can or a drum of this motor oil for your car, at the Lubrite booth, and be convinced that Lubrite oils are the world’s greatest lubricants.

lubrite motor oil

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1921 Lubrite ad

1921 Lubrite Ad

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