I Am A Motor Truck

This article (or advertisement), appeared in a New York newspaper 1916 on the importance of motor trucks to the emerging economy after the production of the gas engine. The text is mixed with various truck advertisements of 1916.

I Am A Motor Truck – (The New York Sun – 1916) Who am I that I should take your time? I go throbbing through your streets; my breathing annoy the quiet of your conversation; to many I seem an nuisance, Whence came I and whither am I bound. I am the motor truck; I came out of the necessity of progress; I was born to follow the will of wisdom and take burdens from the tired backs of beasts; I brought speed to traffic and economy to business; I take the place of three horse drawn vehicles In our lanes of commerce, thus saving space In our streets; I lighten taxation by keeping those highways clean; I carry raw materials to manufacturers who must needs stop for patriotism’s sake without my aid; I take the hardships from embargoes; I save worthy men from financial wreck; I carry milk to babies that wan faces may be bright; I bring coal In winter and Ice In summer; I bring comfort, progress, luxury, but above all I bring the aid which will crush the self -proposed despot and elevate righteous Intercourse between nations.

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All these things and mere I do, and never tire, yet I am made remiss by the neglect of men. I need laws the laws of government to make me fully efficient. Laws should direct that I work to my full capacity.


The New York Sun – Smith Truck Ad – 1916

I make countless pilgrimages with my body overtaxed and return with out the benefit of enough weight to balance my built. Thus I give full energy and render but in half result. This half work I do though the poor pay overprices for necessities. I can prevent this crime if men will think.


Nash Trucks Ad – 1916

Give me authority to refuse to run empty through any city or town without reporting to our post offices or our railway stations for consignments of freight. Let me tap from districts where there are no railways; give me Into the service of the Post Office Department that I may lend equity to trade and bring better living to our masses.

Give me laws to protect mankind and I will convert my lost motion Into an ability to move a half million tons of freight each day.

Give me your ability to think and I will repay a hundredfold.

Ford One Ton Truck Ad -1916


Ford One Ton – El Paso Herald -1916

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