Early Texaco Gasoline Advertisements

Early Texaco Gasoline  Advertisements

The Texaco Company began as the Texas Fuel Company in 1901 out of Beaumont, Texas. It was one of the first “National” brands as evident by the variety of newspapers it appeared in around the country.

The Comrade, Winnfield, La. -1910 – This was the earliest ad I was able to find. There were earlier ads for The Texas Company, but these ads were for liquid and hard asphalt, crude oil and reduced fuel oils under the Texaco brand.

The Watchman and Southron, Sumter, S.C. – 1914 Here is the first “full blown” ad I found which was actually a half page ad. I will break down some of the text below.

E. J. Watson, Commissioner of Agriculture, in the Gasoline Inspection Bulletin, for quarter ending May, 1914, the latest report, gives undisputed evidence of the goodness of “Texaco” gasoline. Here are the figures and figures don’t lie:

Out of the big assortment of samples submitted on gasoline shipped into South Carolina, for quarter ending May, 1914, the following are the percentage of “turned down” samples on account of deficiency of grade: Standard Oil Co.- 22 Gulf Gasoline Co. – 20.


Texaco Gas Ad – 1914

Texas Company “Texaco” Gasoline – It can thus be seen that the nearest of these competitors had over 15 per cent greater deficiency in samples submitted than “Texaco.” Doesn’t this “speak up” well for “Texaco” gasoline? Remember this is official information that can’t be disputed.

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Atlanta Prefers “Texaco” Gasoline at 3 1-2 Cents per Gallon Higher Price –  Astonishing as it may seem, the main “Texaco” distributing station in Atlanta, Ga.- JOHNSON-GEWINNER CO. – keeps busy selling Texaco gasoline at 3 1-2 cents per gallon higher than a competitor a half block down the street. Here’s an extract from their letter to the TEXACO CO.: “A competitor one half block below our store has all summer displayed a sign at his serving station – GASOLINE AT – (naming a price 3 1-2 cents under our price.) In spite of this, there is hardly a minute any time from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. that you cannot see two or more cars in front of our building getting “Texaco” gasoline. You would not believe there was another gasoline station in ten blocks of our store.”

The rest of the ad talks about Texaco Motor Oil which will be another post here 😉

El Paso Herald – 1916 – This was the first print advertisement that I found that included the all familiar Texaco logo we know today. It was primary an ad for motor oil although gasoline is in the ad’s title.

1916 texaco ad

El Paso Herald 1916

Evening Public Ledger, Philadelphia Pa. – 1922 – It seems that 1922 is the year advertisements for Texaco Gas started to appear Nationwide.


The Morning Tulsa Daily World – 1922


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