Atlantic Gasoline

Atlantic Gasoline In Early Advertising

Atlantic Gasoline was an east coast petroleum company that advertised almost exclusively in the Philadelphia area newspaper in the early 1900’s. The company was founded in 1866 as a petroleum storage company. Then, in 1874, it was purchased by John Rockefeller and added to the growing Standard Oil conglomerate that made Rockefeller his millions. In later years it was spun off into the Arco name before being acquired by Sunoco in 1988.

The advertising that appeared in the Philadelphia area were both graphic and text rich and we will look at some of the best ones I found.

era-recordingPlay a period tune below – George O Connor – Gasoline Gus and his Jitney Bus – 1915

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The first ads that I found were from 1950 in the Evening public Ledger. The following text accompanied the ad below.

1915 atlantic gas advertisement

Evening Public Ledger -1915

HERE’S “gas” with go and gallop galore Atlantic “Gas.” – 

It has gumption, but no grit. It has a uniform “boiling point,” which means that every gallon of “gas” you buy is sure to be just like the last, banishing frequent carburetor adjustment. It has more miles to the cubic inch, and a liveliness that enables you to get away quickly in all kinds of weather.

Atlantic Gasoline is made from the finest crude oil that flows, by the oldest and largest refiners in the State. All good garages have it, and Atlantic tankers deliver anywhere, any time. Be sure it’s, Atlantic.

As with most of the gasoline companies in the early 1900’s, Atlantic used the war effort of 1918 to sell their gasoline. I included the text as its a very interesting read.

Atlantic Gasoline – Puts Pep In Your Motor –

war effort ad - atlantic gas

Evening Public Ledger 1918

EVERYWHERE along the line, the big guns wait daily for the wireless touch of airplanes’ to set them booming at targets selected from a. previous day of airplane observation. For, big shells must not be wasted. Again, airplanes will fly very low along the German trenches and pour a disastrous enfilade of machine-gun bullets into the Huns, who run for cover like so many rats.

Whatever the mission whether to direct artillery fire, to photograph, to bomb an ammunition dump or supply train — airplanes are playing a leading part in the war on Autocracy. And gasoline is the fuel that is driving the airplanes.

To help win the war use Atlantic Gasoline, the kind that is gasoline to the last drop. Use it to speed up commerce, but use it stingily. The waster of gasoline “over here” may help to create the want of gasoline “over there.” Atlantic Gasoline will go farther for the same money than will ordinary gasoline. ‘It is in all truth the thrift-fuel.

In our honest belief in the wonderful efficiency of Atlantic Gasoline and our enthusiasm for this motor-fuel which has always made good under the most trying conditions, we feel like urging its exclusive use for every gasoline job that you have trucks, motor-cars, and other gasoline driven vehicles. Ask for it by name. The Atlantic Refining Company Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Heres another from 1918 –

war ad 2

Philadelphia Public Ledger 1918

Gasoline Is Power – (Evening Ledger 1919)

1919 atlantic gas

Evening Public Ledger 1919

Gasoline is more than merely “gasoline”. It is liquid dynamic energy, capable of moving massive trucks and touring-cars with infinite ease. Man has but to command and gasoline responds to the merest movement of throttle. Gasoline-driven trucks carry the merchandise of the city and distribute the products of the farm. They are an inseparable part of our daily lives the connecting link between supply and demand.

Evening Public Ledger 1921

Evening Public Ledger 1921

Motor-trucks have a big job. They must perform that job economically. That is why most trucks use Atlantic Gasoline regularly. For, truck-users have definitely proved that Atlantic Gasoline represents the greatest Power, the longest mileage at the least cost per mile. You want this same dynamic energy, this irresistible force to drive your trucks and passenger-cars. No matter whether you have one truck or a fleet, Atlantic Gasoline will show a profit that cuts down your overhead to a negligible minimum.

Fix this fact firmly in your mind. Atlantic Gasoline is Power, not simply “gasoline”. You want Power. There fore, you want Atlantic Gasoline. There are garages and service-stations along the roads you travel ready and eager to serve you with Atlantic Gasoline. Ask for Atlantic by name. No other fuel will do for you. THE ATLANTIC REFINING COMPANY
Philadelphia Pittsburgh.

We leave you with this full ad from 1921 that asks – What If George Washington Has Atlantic Gasoline? –

g washington-atlantic-gasoline

Evening Ledger 1921

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